Disappearing r

Many people think of Glaswegian accents, and Scottish accents more generally, of having very pronounced ‘r’ sounds. This quiz will tell you whether or not this is true. You will hear a number of different Glaswegian high school age individuals saying a short phrase. Each phrase will contain a word which has an ‘r’ sound in the middle. The word will either be ‘hurt’, ‘bird’ or ‘first’. Your task is to decide whether the ‘r’ in the middle is easy to hear, which for this quiz we will call a ‘strong ‘r’’; or more difficult to hear such that ‘hurt’, ‘bird’ and ‘third’ sound more like ‘hut’, ‘bud’ and ‘thud; which we will call a ‘weak ‘r’’. Don’t worry if you find this difficult!.


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