Jane Stuart Smith
Principal Investigator
Claire Timmins
Brian Jose
Former Research Associate
Rachel Macdonald
Research Associate
Teresa Neocleous
Ludger Evers
Chris McGlashan
Technical Support
Robert Fromont
Software Consultant
Iain Edmonds
Web Designer and Developer

We are very grateful to Tamara Rathcke who worked as Research Associate for the first two years of the project; and to Ben Torsney who worked as a Statistical Co-Investigator for the first two years of the project. Our website was developed, constructed and maintained by Iain Edmonds.

Many thanks to Colin Brierley, Nigel Hutchins and Steve Lawrence from the University of Glasgow for their support with corpus building.

We would like to acknowledge a series of consultations we received from LANCHART, especially Astrid Ag, Frans Gregersen, Gert Foget Hansen, Nicolai Pharao and Randi Skovbjerg Sørensen.