t or not

One well-known aspect of the Glaswegian accent is ‘t’ sounds that are produced in the throat, in the ‘larynx’, rather than in the mouth. Many people believe that all people from Glasgow pronounce all of their ‘t’s in their larynx all the time. However, there is a lot variation in pronunciation, and Glaswegians’ pronunciation of the ‘t’ sounds is no exception. This quiz will let you listen to and, hopefully, lead you to think about our variable pronunciations and, specifically, in this instance, variable pronunciations of the ‘t’ sound in Glasgow with a focus on its production in a single word. You will hear a number of different individuals saying the word ‘later’. Sometimes, you’ll hear them saying just the word ‘later’; other times you’ll hear them saying the word ‘later’ with another word or words (‘days later’, ‘weeks later’, ‘in later life’). Your task is to decide what kind of a ‘t’ sound you hear in the middle of the word ‘later’: is it a clear ‘t’ sound produced in the mouth, using the tongue, or is it a ‘glottal stop’ produced in the larynx?.