Taking to Older People

In the ‘stories’ section you can hear older speakers talk about their experiences when they were younger. The topics they talk about include their experiences in World War 2, leisure time, Sunday school and religion, holidays, major ship launches, and stories about their parents.

This activity involves finding three older people and asking them to tell stories about their past, for example about some of the things featured in the ‘stories’ section, or perhaps something new like playing sports, playing a musical instrument or other hobbies they might have had.

This activity has been worded in such a way that younger people not yet able to read and write competently can also carry it out with the help of an adult. It introduces fieldwork, allows the student to think about how older people may speak differently (in terms of pronunciation and content) and also to think about how their experiences as a younger person may differ to those of younger people a number of decades ago.

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