Transcript for Dad’s Work

Well, my father was a ship’s carpenter and a- a- and as far as I understand from his story, had gone to sea in the days o- of sail and steam when he sailed from Glasgow to New York, as a ship’s carpenter. Then when he left the sea he he went down to John Brown’s Yard as a tradesman, as a ship’s carpenter. And he worked there for, oh, the best part of his life then. But it wasn’t John Brown’s Yard then, it was John and George Thompson’s. Still ship building. And they they also built the Aquitania, the Cunarder, at that time. He studied little books when he was… a little bit… I would say a bit more brainy. He studied electrical work through the books. And finally worked in Brown’s as an electrician. And was able tae even, tae help w- other three foremen with electrical work on the Lusitania. So he had, he had two trades, a most unusual thing which would not be allowed nowadays. But he really had two trades when he retired from Brown’s: a carpenter and an electrician. He done some work even on the Lusitania, eh the electrical work during his period there. You see there was no unions there and er, a man could go to another trade. So he went tae electrical work and became a s- became a staff foreman, electrician. E- E- Even during the war they worked on on battleships and des- ped- torpedo boat destroyers as an electrician. And finally was put on the staff. And and done the work then till he retired. Which was when Brown built the first Empress of Britain, which didn’t reign very long, she was torpedoed in the First World War.

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