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Ehm that was one thing my dad always insisted on. That we always get away on holiday. Ehm, ehm, we used to go to Arbroath. We went to Arbroath eh on a regular basis. Every year, ehm went for quite a long time to Arbroath on holiday. Earlier on my brother was in the navy, ehm, so it would just be my sister and my mum and dad and I. Ehm, eh, so went to Arbroath every year for a fortnight. Yeah. I know we went a lot, along, long, long-long time, we went for several years, to Arbroath. In fact we were there when the war ended. Ehm we were actually on holiday in Arbroath when the war ended. V J, V J night, ehm Victory in Japan. Yeah,I remember that, and the ehm, all the celebrations at the end of the war, it was, was lovely it was very exciting, I remember that. Ehm, all the fisher people were all out in the street, and dancing and celebrating. I can remember that quite well. The fisher people a lot of them had on their traditional costumes and things, you know. And eh rejoicing of course. But eh yes, it was quite exciting, I remember that very well.

I think most of the times we were there it was a guest house we went to. So, ehm we were quite fortunateto be able to do that, I ca- When I think about it now, you know, ehm. My father was obviously made a big effort to get us to, getting to go on holiday but we always did that, eh, yeah. Didn’t didn’t go anywhere else although latterly we had a car, ehm. We had a car and we used to go to Largs which was a popular place. We used to go down, my brother drove the car ehm we used to all go down to Largs in a freque-frequent occasion. My husband used to say we used to jump in and say ‘Largs’ and the car went there by itself. Because we went there so often. Oh. Biggar. My eh, uncle worked at eh Springburn at the the wagon builder place at Springburn and eh somehow or other ehm he knew of a converted railway carriage eh in Biggar they had made it into a sort of holiday home, you know. And eh we went there once on holiday. And we all had bikes,eh my father and mother and we all had bikes and we stayed in this converted railway carriage. Went there once it was ehm, forgotten about that. Eh, oo, uh, uh, well Biggar of course we hired the bikes while we were there. I can’t remember how we got there. Eh when we went to Arbroath eh my father played golf. He was a very keen golf-golfer <uh-huh> and eh he played golf. Eh, holidays in Arbroath were quite an event, they were very enjoyable.

My husband and I went with the children when we had our families as well. <Right> It was a kind of tradition by that time. I think we went a lot to the beach, ’cause there was a nice beach at Arbroath at that time. Ehm, we went to the sea to the beach, ehm, swimming pool, and went to the big swimming pool in Arbroath, ehm enjoyed that. Ehm, there was a nice eh play area too for children I remember, paddling pool. Ehm spent some time there and that. Eh, my father used to take us walks along the cliffs, I remember that, yeah. Ehm, it was k-like to Auchmithie. Auchmithie was just round the coast from Arbroath. Ehm, you could walk from Arbroath to Auchmithie, you know. Ehm, we went there as well. I know we always enjoyed our holidays there. Ehm, must have been great-wonderful for my father to get away from the the dirt and the grime as well and get to get to Arbroath on holiday and play his golf. .

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