Transcript for Launch of the Aquitania

The day that the A- Aquitania was launched, there were fourteen tugs round about her. And one of those tugs was a paddle tug, most unusual, but for fourteen tugs to round a ship, uh most unusual nowadays. Before that, the launch, one of our chaps happened to look down the berth and here was a a photographer. On top of the pile of chains, there’s what they call the check chains, or drag chains. And there’s tons and tons that’s piled up in this s- big sq- bundle. And they’re tied to the ship with wire ropes and that’s what holds the ship. Once she goes in a certain distance in the Clyde she’s held up with those chains, because they they rumble over, you see, till the ship floats even keel on the Clyde. Well this chap maybe he thought, he thought he had a good site for a picture. But he would have been mangled if he had been allowed to stay there, but he wouldn’t have been of course, because this chap, this mate of mine, whoever saw him went and told the foreman carpenter, that there was a ph- a photographer on top of the top of the check chains. So the carpenter foreman went down and gave him a sh- a bawling out t- get out of there. But as I say, the chap was innocent and could never have been at a launch before. That must have been his first consignment to take a photograph of a launch. But that’s where he was but oh, they cleared him out. A been, he’d’ve been, he would’ve been mangled as I say ’cause you see those chains are tied to the ship with wire ropes and they gradually break they’re tied with manilla ropes then and they’ll gradually break as the ship goes out and pulls the strain on this bundle of chains. It’s tons and tons weight and there’s several of them each each side of the ship.

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