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<What kind of games did you play when you were young?> Ah, peever! Jumping ropes. French jumping ropes. Rallies, kick the can, hide and seek. You name it, we had it. We’d a great crowd. Many a fight happened in the gas works there and my father’d put us all out, us included. ‘But this is our garden!’ ‘It doesn’t matter. You learn to behave and you can come back again.’ We were told the same thing every time. Oh yes, we had a big, big bunch all come round there. We all met in the gasworks. And then we had one, two, three, four another four, we all went in a bunch, cycled and went rambles went to the different churches and what not, Sunday schools. Ah mean at night time we never went out much. Very very little out at night because Ah mean it was only gas lights in the village. Oh you could wander anywhere and never would have been accosted at any time. Many a time Ah’ve walked miles in the dark, never gave it a thought. And there was-wasn’t the thuggery that goes on now.

<Did you get any pocket money when you were young?> Yes, but Ah can’t just remember how much but we used to go to the pictures on a Saturday afternoon. We got sometimes so much money for the tram car and then you got your money into the picture- Ah think it were about a tuppence, either a penny or tuppence we paid, and then you got something to spend. <Did you have any hobbies?> Badminton. That was about the only one. Then of course we played a lot of card games, you know. Ludo and Snakes and Ladders and that in the houses. And, eh, we used to make a lot of things for the sales of work, such as, eh, Talcum Roses. We’d tins of talcum powder and we put a paper rose on the top of them. Make big dolls for the bed, for night dress cases. Doll in the middle and they’d flouncy skirts round it. We spent hours painting and we used to make up, eh, different frawns from the garlands and egg shells and painted them for Christmas for a tree. Surprising what you can do with odd bits and pieces, just.

<When you were on your school holidays, what did you do for the rest of the time?> Played in the gaswork garden. We used to have, we-we had a, eh,one big shed which had a sliding door on it and that was our stage was behind this door. We used to have all the neighbours down for concerts. We had a great big trunk of clothes, old clothes that came from here, there and everywhere, and all of them, they were the mother’s you see. We were dressed up, and we’d concerts maybe once a fortnight or so. Used to have some great fun in there. And the boys used to come in and help to play at I spy you know, ’cause they were, they were going places that we could never have attempted to go, climbing and all the rest of it. But they were good fun.

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