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But we were unfortunate, I mean we’d only a kitchen. <yeah> But eh, eventually, we got wur house in Castlemilk. And we thought it was wonderful. <mmhm> And when Ah got word, Ah was in the hospital. Eh. Ah had tae get an operation, Ah had a a polyp- a bleeding polypus. Anyhow. And, well, Ah had the three of them [i.e., children (not polypi)]. But, one of them, was eh, well, t- three of my friends were gonna take one each. You know, while Ah went intae the hospital. <mmm> And eh, d- ehm, the, one of their one of their wee girls took took some, s- eh scarlet fever or something. And my, the one couldnae go. And it ended up, the three of them had to go intae a home. <oh> And eh, Ah was in the hospital and eh, when I was– One of the women, she was I was just saying about eh ehm, her mother-in-law was watching the weans, and of course Ah says ‘You’re lucky, my three weans is in the home’. <oh, yeah> But however, Ah got word that morning, and eh, the nurse went away and she says, ‘I’ll go’ she says, ‘and Ah’ll see how your family are.’ So she came back, and she says ‘Now, they’re all happy. And they’re settled.’ And she says, ‘and don’t worry yourself.’ The next thing was Ah got a letter. It was from the oldest boy. ‘Mammy, come and take me home. Ah don’t like it.’ Well, you know, they had, they had allowed him tae go with the ah didnae w- ah said, ‘If one Ah wasnae sending one, where the three werenae going.’ <uh-huh> Ah says, ‘they must be thegither’, she says ‘well,’ He was a wee bit older. <mmm> But eh, he was about eleven or something, at the time. <mmhm> But he was a good b- I mean, Ah had a go- good family, they were <yeah> obedient <yeah> And eh, she says ‘Well, we’ll let him come, then.’ So, he we- he went with them. And eh, eh, he had, eh, they they let them all go together. <uh-huh> So, it wasnae so bad, knowing the three of them were together. <yeah>

But when ah was in the hospital, and then, I got home, eh, n- the, the nurse had come up to me, and Ah had, ****** had a wee bit bother, eh, with her throat. That was the wee girl. <mmhm> If Ah had her oot late, she took tonsillitis, you know. <mmhm, I guess> She came and spoke to me. And ah says, she says, ‘Is there anything ah can do for you?’ I says, ‘There’s only one thing you can do: get me a bigger house’ Ah said ‘and Ah’ll be happy.’ So, she said, ‘Well, Ah’ll see what Ah can do, Ah don’t know what Ah’ll, whether Ah’ll manage it or not.’ However, when Ah came out, Ah got word about my new house, for Castlemilk. <uh-huh> And then, she come up, and she says to me, ‘Now, I’m in the ward for the tonsils.’ <mmm> And she says, ‘If you like’, she says, ‘I’ll try and get ****** in while you’re moving.’ <aah> So, Ah moved, ****** went intae the hospital the week Ah moved, up tae Castlemilk. So, it was great how things aw worked oot <how they word out, yes> And eh, we come up to Castlemilk. And eh, we just, thought we were wonderful. It was wonderful coming in tae a two– getting a get a bedroom for them. ‘Cause Ah’d only a kitchen. <yes> And I used to have to pull the bed doon at night  <yeath> And eh. Coming up tae Castlemilk was really wonderful. But, there’s always a stumbling block. <laughter>

Ah had a neighbour below me, an elderly woman, and oh, she made my life miserable. <Really? Uhhuh?> She thought the children shouldn’t have walked across the floor. <oh-oh?> You know, and she really was ridiculous. <yeah> Because, we didnae have very much, but we had a carpet on the floor. So that, deadened the sound <mmhm> Plus the fact, ah mean they went to bed early. <mmm> My children never were up late. <mmm> And they went to bed early. And eh, but you know what she did? She she e- you’ll no mind it either, but do you remember the Scotch music went on in a Sa- the Scotch band, the dance band? <uh-huh> Well, see when it came tae a Saturday, she let that band go, the the the radio. And oh, you couldnae hear your ears for it. You know, just, loud <yes, yes, yes> But eh, she met me one day in the stairs, and Ah laughed, you know. She said ehm, something about, ‘These houses, it’s great’, she says, eh, ‘when you get them for family reasons.’ ‘Oh’, Ah says, ‘wait a wee minute’. Ah says, ‘thank God Ah didnae get it for family reasons.’ Ah says, ‘Ah got it for overcrowding.’ <mmhm, mmm> ‘Oh’, she says. Well, see, after that, I mean, she couldnae have been nicer, but she did make it miserable. You know how, her daughter came up. Could, and then my husband went too early on the shifts. <yeah> He shouldnae have walked acr- he should have waited till he went to the door and then put on his boots. This is the carry on we had.

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