Transcript for Soldier and Wife War Story

I was, eh, I’d been up at…what’s that port in God blimey eh, one of the ports in north of England. We’d ta-took guns from there up, our guns, we had mobile, what you called mobile guns and they’d give us semi-mobile, and they wanted the mobile ones for to go in for the far east needed them badly, that gat guns. And I’d taken four Beaufort tractors with four guns up to Hull and we’d travelled back down frae Hull and we came round to the aerodrome into the first gun site and I said, the boys want to gae in for a cup of tea, you know early in the morning? And the sergeant there said, ‘****** where do you come from?’ I’d been away for three or four days, you see, with these-travelling day and night with these guns. I says, ‘You come from Greenock?’ I says, ‘No, Clydebank.’ ‘Oh,’he says, ‘Greenock got a bit of a hounding last night.’ And you know it’s not far from me as the crow flies, you know? That’s an aeroplane, you know? So we let it go that round, next gun site and, sergeant told right away, he said Clydebank had got it.

<Had your house been bombed?> My wife had just got a sublet in ****** Avenue that wasn’t there anymore and she was evacuated to eh…what do you call it… Clarkston she was in, Clarkston she was taken to. That’s where she landed, up in Clarkston. And then I came home and I took her f-, I took her over to Ireland tae her aunt’s in BallymenaI left her there for the duration, till I come back from the army to collect her. <How long did she stay in Clarkston?> How long was she there? Ooph, she must have only been there about two or three weeks, she was only there a few days when I got leave, and took me about four days to f – four days to find her, then I applied for extra leave to my commanding officer and got it and booked her through and took her to Ireland, right away, and she were there for the duration of the war. Daughter was born there. So I left her over there while I went away.

How do you think the blitz affected the Clydebank housing scheme? Did lots of people leave Clydebank because of it?> Oh had an awful lot evacuated. I didnae get much time to see about– I had– Do– In the army you don’t have tae get…things sorted out and get away back to my unit, no. My biggest fear in was getting her from Clarkston, made arrangements with the army authority to get me a visa and voucher to get her tae Ireland. I’d to go down to St- eh Stranraer. I had tae go down to Stranraer on the train and took her across from there and then come back from there tae Stranraer and away back down to England, to my unit again.

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