Transcript for Sunday School Religion

<Did you go to Sunday school when you were young?> Yes. Church of Scotland. Each class met in a circle of chairs of the forms, forms were put round in three, and you sat round about them, the teacher sat in the middle. And she asked questions on the bible and, course, the hymn singing was general, Ah mean, everybody sang the same and then you each went into your own wee classroom and had a, a the lesson of one particular part of the bible, and then she would ask questions on the story that she had been reading. What you knew about that and how much you could tell her about it. And then if it was anyone’s birthday, they got the job of collecting the the coppers, you paid so much every Sunday into the collection, and if it happened to be your birthday you were able to take the plate round that Sunday. But, so it was quite interesting but I had a a soiree as they called it in these days in the hall at Christmas instead of a party, didn’t get a party in these days. It was a concert more or less and a cup of tea and a bag with buns. And then in the summer time, we went on coal lorries up to Auchentoshan estate to have our picnic. Coal lorries. You have an idea of what they were like, st- strapped on to them I mean; it was great fun with the races and the it was usually milk that we got. We were- there was tea for the adults I presume. And you got a bag with maybe a cake and a bun or something in it. An apple or an orange or something. Picnics were quite good, we never thought of any further. Ah mean nowadays they go everywhere but not then. You stayed there at home.

<Were you taught religion at school?> Yes, we had a session every morning and it was one old teacher, she’s dead now, and she had a session every Friday morning and passages from the bible. And you’d to maybe find out where what was Job- who could turn up Job number such and such, or say Thessalonians, all the awkward, eh, bits in the bible that she would try to pick you out and see who would be the quickest at answering the questions. Where th- put up your hand if you found that passage, if you knew where it was. And then in the church one Sun- one Sunday at the beginning of every month we got a text and you had to trace up the text in the bible. And mark down where it was and at the end of the year there was a prize for the boy and the girl. Well I got one of the girl’s prizes one year. It was a- a child’s book, I mean a book that a girl could read. Even a boy could have read it as well. But that was one thing that he did do, it were a Dr. Smith that was there at that time, he gave you this paragraph out the bible and you had to find out where it was. It was difficult at times. ‘Straight as the gate and narrow as the way’ was one of them. But, eh, well- it’s a difficult problem. Where do you find that? And it’s surprising how you managed it. I was just sitting, hunting up the bible. It taught you an awful lot about the bible too.

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